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Please, note that Marketplace Atlassian offers you downloading only installation file for JIRA 7.1.x.

Visit our Purchase page for JIRA2JIRA Connector to download correct installation file for JIRA 6.4.x or 7.0.x

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we present you the new JIRA2JIRA Connector add-on. We are continously improving and adding new exciting features. Follow our ROADMAP.

Quick start

  1. Download the correct version and install the JIRA2JIRA Connector add-on into your JIRA platform

  2. Request the License Key (you will need your Server ID of JIRA to obtain the License Key)
  3. Set the License (Administration > JIRA2JIRA Connector > License)

  4. Create and configure the connection between two JIRA systems

  5. Start using the JIRA2JIRA Connector

JIRA2JIRA Connector is the best way for cooperation across teams and borders through JIRA Platforms by synchronizing entire projects, issues, comments or attachments.


  • Two-way automatic synchronization:
    • between two or more JIRA installations (both JIRA Core or JIRA Software), 
    • between JIRA and JIRA Service Desk. 
  • Perfect data and privacy protection - sync only configured parts
  • Working with JIRA native user and roles permission
  • Excellent overview of the tasks and plans
  • Fast communication even among remote teams - reduce the length of time required for the execution of tasks
  • Allows you to create new issues from one system to another or sync already existing issues 
  • Absolute customized configuration - choose which type of issues, what fields and based on what workflow do you want to synchronize. It works even with select boxes or customized fields
  • Based on configuration, it is possible to synchronize on the level of:
    • Workflow transitions,
    • Values of individual fields,
    • Worklog and Time Tracking,
    • Comments,
    • Attachments.