AI Portfolio Roadmap Planning for Jira

What is AI Roadmapping

AI Roadmapping it's integration plugin connecting Jira with third party software - Aangine. Aangine is application that allows its users to create roadmaps. Our plugin will gather the needed data from Jira, adjust them, validate them and then send them straight to the Aangine, so they are ready to use.


To run our plugin in your Jira, there are couple of steps we need to do before. As the Jira software is flexible and can be configured in many ways for many customers, it would be big limitations if we would rely on pure installation of Jira only. For our plugin to run we need to analyse your enviroment and we need to understand your ways of working. That is the reason why is our app filled with demo data, so you can see, how it works and what you can expect. If you are interested, please contact us and we will make sure that the plugin is configured and will be working exactly for you. 



  • designed for complex deployments

  • full and partial data load

  • user-driven with full control


  • flexible option to select Jira issues to be part of the roadmapping

  • preparing the data from Jira and adjusting them exactly for your needs for Aangine

  • validation of your Jira data and option to fix them right away

  • instant update and data availability