Quick start

  1. Download and install EasyMind app in Confluence

  2. Get Evaluation Licence

    1. Check if you need a license by going to Administration > EasyMind > License Details
    2. Get Evaluation Licence, if needed
  3. Start using EasyMind

Purchase EasyMind

EasyMind is the best way to create and use mind maps in your Confluence


  • The easiest way to work with mind maps in Confluence
  • Wide range of mind map styles and customizations including markers, lines, colours
  • User-friendly and fast work with mind map nodes 
  • EasyMind supports import / export of mind maps, specifically:
    • XMind
    • FreePlane
    • FreeMind
    • Export to PNG 
  • Option to create mind map templates 
  • URL link support
  • External pictures support
  • Permission scheme according to page settings
  • Automatic save of your mind map ensuring you do not loose any data
  • Mind maps version control