Use Mind map Editor (EasyMind Server 2.3.x, EasyMind Cloud 1.0.x)

EasyMind is a great brainstorming tool right in your Confluence

Basic operations with Mind maps

Please check out the article on how to create a mind map and learn how to work with them in a few easy steps.

Once a new Mind map editor is open, you can see a default Central Topic. This will be your Mind map root Topic.

Selecting Topic

You can select a single Topic by left-clicking on it or multiple Topics by Ctrl/Cmd + right-click and drag or Ctrl/Cmd + left-click on it.

For more information about keyboard shortcuts visit this page.

Adding a new Topic / Subtopic 

You can use the button  for adding Subtopic or button for adding new Topic from the top menu, or you can use the following shortcuts:

Edit existing Topic in the Mind map

 You can rename any Topic by selecting it and then start typing. You can also use these shortcuts:

After you finished editing just press Enter (or click anywhere in the editor) and all changes are immediately visible.

Your Topic can have multiple lines, just press Ctrl + Enter.

Copy and Paste Topic(s)

Select Topics, press Ctrl and Drag for copying under the target Topic

Deleting Topic

You can use Remove selected topic button  or you can press Delete / Backspace button on selected Topic. This operation will also delete all Subtopics.

Other operations with the Mind map

Copy and Paste text

With the selected Topic, you can Paste any text from various applications as a new Subtopics. The structured text will create a new Subtopic for each paragraph or list item (all Subtopics will be inserted on the same Mind map level).

If you Copy several Topics and Subtopics from the EasyMind editor, you can Paste them as a structured list into any other text editor.

Styling your mind map

Your Mind map can be customized in many ways. In this section, you find information about Mind map formatting options in EasyMind.

Please note you need to select given Topic(s) before using formatting functions in your Mind map.

Mind map Structure

In the Main menu section General you can choose which shape of the Mind map, you want to use. There are five structures implemented in EasyMind: Map, Org (up), Org (down), Logic Chart (left) and Logic Chart (right). Selecting one of these options determines how the Topics will be linked to the root Topic. Only one structure can be active at any given moment.

Text formatting

From the Text section of Main menu you can control various properties of Topic text. You can set the text to be Bold, Italic, Strike-through, change Font size or edit Font color.

Color palette is also implemented for other coloring options (Topic background, Line color) it can be opened by clicking on the icon .

Topic shape

Topic shape can be manipulated from Shape section of Main menu. By clicking on Shape icon you can select from five presets: Round Rectangle, Rectangle, Underline, Ellipse and Diamond. If you select multiple Topics before editing, changes are applied on all of them at once. You can also select Color of Topic background in this menu section.

Line Style

In Line section of Main menu you can set Colour, Shape and Thickness of each line that is connecting Topic to all its Subtopics. There are four available shapes: Straight, Curve, Elbow and None.

Copy / Paste / Delete formatting

You can Copy and Paste Topic formatting by selecting Topic, clicking on the button Copy format and then clicking on Topic where you want to apply the same format. You can apply this copied format on multiple Topics by dragging over them.

All formatting changes for selected Topic(s) are deleted by clicking on the button Reset format.

Advanced Options


FeatureNoteButtonWindows & LinuxMacOS

You are able to insert pictures in your Mind map by inserting an image URL or upload a picture directly from your computer.

Please note when working with a large picture or many smaller pictures (larger than 50MB), you might need to update the maximum allowed POST requests size, please get more information here at the bottom of the page. 

Alt + + P + + P
HyperlinksInsert an URL in your Mind map Topic

Alt + + H + + H
NotesYou can add a note to any Topic / Subtopic in your Mind map

Alt + + N + + N

You can use Labels for annotation or categorization of any Topic / Subtopic. After clicking the Edit Topic Labels button a new window will be opened. Here you can manage all Labels assigned to the selected Topic.

The same editing screen can be accessed by clicking on Label's name under every Topic.

Alt + + L + + L


Each Topic can have multiple Markers assigned. These Markers are selected from Markers section of Main menu. You can choose from a lot of predefined types and shapes and apply them into your Mind map.

Working with view

Rolling-up Subtopics

You can hide / show Subtopics according to your preferences.