Privacy Policy

General Information

This privacy policy covers how we treat the information and data provided by our customers when using any of the MoroSystems apps listed below:

Personal Data and Information security

When a MoroSystems app is downloaded and installed via Atlassian Marketplace (including both evaluation and paid installations), we have access to the customer's name and email address. This information is provided by Atlassian; please see Atlassian's Privacy Policy for more details. We may use the customer's email address for marketing and promotional purposes (such as sending out newsletters and special discount offers), or in order to receive feedback for our apps. If a customer wishes to be removed from this email communication, it is possible to unsubscribe by using the link in the footer, or contact us on

We store our customers’ email addresses and names in the CRM system Creatio, which is fully compliant with GDPR. For more information please visit Creatio privacy policy

When configuring and using MoroSystems apps, no data or information entered by customers is made available to MoroSystems. All information and data is stored on customers’ installation servers.

Server Apps Security

None of our server apps collect or store any customer data locally.

Cloud Apps Security

We don't store any customer or sensitive data. Application hosting security is tested and approved by the penetration tests of our Amazon Web Services partner. We undertake code reviews with a defined standard of quality and individual vulnerability assessment. We are also continuously working on the improvement of security standards via internal audits.

Security Incidents Management

In the case of any security incident or breach, we act according to our internal Information Security Policy. All security incidents are reported to the Security Manager. As per our Security Policy, this process consists of several steps: investigation, escalation, incident report, measures taken to prevent the incident from recurring, feedback, and a revision of Information Security Policy. We are able to provide open and transparent cooperation in case of a security breach.

Changes to all security vulnerabilities are managed via the publicly accessible Atlassian ServiceDesk. We define SLAs with a maximum response time of 8 hours. We have a team dedicated to solving the security vulnerabilities of our applications. Each part of the code must be approved by a code review process. We regularly monitor new security vulnerabilities and analyze the impact on our applications.

MoroSystems Support

When a customer needs support from MoroSystems in order to request a consultation or report a bug, MoroSystems Helpdesk is available via this link. When submitting a support ticket, a customer is required to create an account by entering their name and email address. We keep the name and email address in our Helpdesk for any future communication. We may receive and store any data a customer provides us with when submitting a support ticket; for example, screenshots, logs, etc. We will not share or disclose any personal data or information with third parties.

Google Services

We use Google Analytics and Google Ads in order to measure and evaluate customers’ behaviour when visiting the MoroSystems Apps pages on Atlassian Marketplace.