Relative Time Converter 1.0

Quick start

  1. Download and install the Relative Time Converter add-on into JIRA

  2. Evaluation Licence

    1. Check, if you need a license by going to Administration > Relative Time Converter > License Details
    2. Get Evaluation Licence, if needed
  3. Start using Relative Time Converter

Explicit or Relative Time? What time display wants to see the majority of our company in JIRA? You don't need to ask anymore. You can have both!

What time format should I display in our JIRA? It is the minor decision when making the configuration, however, if your colleagues ask you over and over about it, it becomes really big issue.

Both groups in your company can usually name many pros and cons for each value, and it is even more substantial, if your branches are located abroad:

  • If I see the explicit time I must think what date is today, however, "yesterday" is much better for me
  • I must approve holidays for my team and I must always calculate what it means "from 2 days to 2 weeks". I need to see the explicit time!
  • I am in another time zone, and it will not help me to see that you had sent it 3 hours ago if you finished your work 1 hour ago. I need to see the explicit time
  • I prefer to see 3 months ago to March 30. I have better estimation about the time elapsed

Does this look familiar to you? Solve it once and for all. Give both groups what they want.


  • Relative Time Converter recalculates relative time in your JIRA and displays calculated value in explicit form next to it

  • Add-on will complay with your general time settings, and therefor it always displays the right format of your explicit date

  • The converter will use your configured time zone as well, so you don't need to set anything manually

  • It is easy to use - install and let it work. No more configuration