Toggl Synchronization for Jira 2.7.0

What is new in Toggl Synchronization for Jira 2.7.0

New Features & Improvements

  • Added a date picker to change the date of the work log. Now you no longer have to change the date in the form of a text field, but simply select the date using the date picker.
    • In addition, date picker respects the settings of the first day of the week (Monday or Sunday) according to the ISO8601 settings in your Atlassian Jira instance.
  • Added the ability to turn off error notifications during automatic synchronization of work logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue that caused longer loading time of Atlassian Jira issues. 
  • The work log date change in the synchronization dialog is validated.

How to configure Toggl Synchronization for Jira according to your preferences User Guide

 1. Sign up for Toggl

In case you have not used Toggl before, please follow these easy steps in order to sign up

  1. Sign up for free at Toggl website
  2. Either create a new Toggl account or use your Google account
  3. You are just few steps away from using TogglSync
 2. Connect your Toggl to Jira using Toggl Synchronization for Jira

  • Get your API token from Toggl app profile
  • Now you need to copy this token into the TogglSync configuration: you will find it at the bottom of your Jira User Profile page   


  • Scroll down your User Profile page till you see TogglSync Configuration part
  • Edit TogglSync Configuration by hitting a pen icon
  • Following window will pop up:

See the difference between the manual and automatic synchronization in Let's Synchronize! part of this manual.

 3. Work entry format in Toggl
  • When tracking time in Toggl, please make sure you include the Jira issue key into the work entry name.
  • The matching issue key can stand before the work entry name, behind it, in the middle or stand alone
  • Without a correct issue key, the worklog will not be synchronized into Jira issue. 

Here are some examples of correct work entry formats:

 4. Start / Stop timer from Jira Issue

You can control Toggl time tracking directly from Jira issue simply either by using Start timer / Stop timer button

You can easily start the Toggl timer by pressing the "Enter" key.

 5. Let's synchronize!

You have an option choose between manual and automatic synchronization of work logs. 

Manual Synchronization

At the end of a day, of a week, whenever you feel like, you can synchronize your Toggl work entries into Jira. Our last step includes these easy actions:

  • Check your Toggl entry and make sure there are correct Jira issue keys included 
  • Then go to your profile and choose TogglSync:

  • Please note all the fields above are editible including the worklog name, Jira issue or the duration. You can use different names in Toggl and Jira according to your preferences
  • You can check the entries when viewing a Work log tab in the Jira issue 

Automatic Synchronization

If you set to sychronize your work logs automatically in the second step Connect your Toggl to Jira using Toggl Synchronization for Jira, you will be no longer required to perform any steps in order to log your work in Jira issues.

  • Automatic Synchronization is turned on every day at 2 AM
  • If Jira is not running at this time, the synchronization will be executed after Jira is turned back on 
  • In case the synchronization fails for any reason, you will recieve a notification email
  • In the second step, you can set you would like to receive notification emails about successful synchronizations as well